Fungi play multiple roles in ecosystems everywhere. They are parasites, mutualists and decomposers. Without them, terrestrial life would have a completely different evolutionary trajectory. 

The intricacies of ecology drew me in to better understand the dynamic, ever changing nature of, well, nature. As I began to unfold the different functions fungi carry out, I became obsessed with these organisms. The forest floor became a fascinating, mysterious place teaming with biological activity. I need to know more about this widely overlooked realm, and share what I learn with you. The forest floor is the interface in which we humans can begin to divulge what is going on in the soil depths. It is the tip of the iceberg for many soil inhabitants, as much of their activity remains hidden, undisturbed, underground. It is my goal to share the stories of different fungi. I will cover  their  interactions with plants and animals, how they shape ecological landscapes, and their evolutionary adaptations. My name is Phil Pinzone, and I am a self proclaimed forest floor fanatic.